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Pixs Memory Book Pricing

Each Pixs Memory Book project has a one time scanning/set up fee. Scanning/set up fee is determined by type of media and number of photos. Click here to view scanning cost

Each Pixs Memory Books contains a Front Cover, Up to Five Chapters with Table of Contents, One Set of CDs, and Back Cover at No Extra Charge.
Page TypeStarting Price Per Book
Book With 9 Photos Per Page$ 30.00
Book With 12 Photos Per Page$ 25.00
Book With 16 Photos Per Page$ 20.00

Photo Gift Boxes Includes One Pixs Memory Book

Platinum Pixs can produce as many Pixs Memory Books as you need. The cost of each additional book is the same as your first book with quantity discounts available with five or more books.


Do you need extra CDs from your Pixs Memory Book?
CD SetPrice
1 CD$ 5.00
2 CD's$ 9.00
3 CD's$ 14.00

A set of CDs is the number of CDs your Pixs Memory Book originally had. The number of CDs is determined by the number of pictures scanned in the Pixs Memory Book. If your Pixs Memory Book had 2 CDs that is called a 2 CD set. (CDs in sets will only be sold in sets.)


  • 2 X 1 CD set at $5.00 = $10.00
  • 2 X 2 CD set at $9.00 = $18.00
  • 2 X 3 CD set at $14.00 = $28.00