All Work Is Performed In House

Photo Scanning Is Always by Hand - No Compromise's

Each of your images is handled by a trained technician, your memories are as precious to us as to you, and your family.

We will not take any chance in hurting your memories to speed up our process.

Our passion in life is to restore, and protect your memories. We do this, by working on each slide, negative, print or digital file by hand. Each item is hand cleaned and scanned in, at the best possible quality for your memories. We do not have a set program that goes through and does a generic cleaning/color correction job. Each photo is different and needs individual attention to shine, so this is what we give them. Our process does take longer to do but you can be sure that your memories are handled by someone that cares.

You can send Platinum Pixs negatives, slides and prints in one order. No need to send in different orders and also we don't required photos to be in specific orders and orientation for scanning.

Save your memories from loss by scanning and archiving your photos with a Pixs Memory Book and on our secure network of severs.

Archiving your pictures with a photo backup service is the most important thing you can do to protect your memories. Every year 70% of lost memories are lost do to natural and man made disasters, the other 30% are lost to deterioration from scratches, fading, and old age.

Digital files also need to be archived. One computer crash and you loss every photo saved on your computer.

Benefits of using our services and secure servers

Easy access of your photographs for additional projects
No rescanning fee for extra copies of books, CDs, DVDs or prints *
* Book, CD, DVD, and print cost do apply.
Additional protection from loss with our photo backup service
Memories will be around for generation to come